Locked Up for Jesus Christ

Locked Up for Jesus Christ

Acts 5: 19-30
•Locked in God's will will only let you do his will
•Obey the law of God because it supersedes the law of man

◦Kim in Kentucky jailed for not issuing licenses for perverse couples
◦She is following in the footsteps of Martin Luther King Jr.
◦Just law squares with the law of God
◦Unjust law not rooted in eternal law

•Let the job go if it conflicts with law of God

•Boundaries (law) that God sets you have to follow

•The body of Christ is being attacked

◦The world may come after you when you are blessed by God

•80% of religious attacks, persecution is against Christians

◦100,000 die annually, 11 die per hour for Christ
◦3/4 of nations side against Christians and cause of Christ Jesus
•No matter what the government or man says Christians answer to a supreme God

◦Acts 5:30 "…Ought to obey God rather than man"
◦Do what Christ tells you to do and he will teach you how to stand
•You will be blessed in your persecution and in your persecution you will be blessed
◦Christ promises that persecution come with his blessing
◦Christ was persecuted so believer should expect to be persecuted
◦You are not alone when Christ is with you
•God will open the prison door for you to keep doing what God has appointed you to do
•House of God does the things of God, any other assembly is a social gathering if God laws are not being done
•Friendship with God is enmity with man

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