2 Talented Girls Sing A Medley Of Songs From The Lion King

2 Talented Girls Sing A Medley Of Songs From The Lion King

Two talented girls perform an incredible medley of our favorite songs from The Lion King.

This classic movie was originally released in 1994 as a traditional animated film. In 2019, the iconic movie made its way back into theaters with a new look to story we all know and love.

This film has gone through a photorealistic computer-animated makeover, giving it an updated technological look. But don’t worry, all of the characters we know and love are back together and that also means the return of many beloved songs plus some new classics.

Today, Kenya Clark and Evelyn Escalona are creating an amazing mashup with the songs ‘Circle Of Life’ and ‘Spirit.’ ‘Spirit’ is the newest addition to the Disney song library. Performed by pop diva Beyonce, this inspiring tune reminds us to carry on even in the face of struggles.

“Sayin' rise up
To the light in the sky, yeah
Watch the light lift your heart up
Burn your flame through the night, Oh...
Spirit, watch the heavens open (Open)
Spirit, can you hear it calling? (Calling)

Set against a beautiful backdrop of plains and dancers, Kenya and Evelyn belt out these powerful lyrics. And when they hit those high notes, I was in awe of the talent on display.

What an incredible showcase of vocal skills and inspiring imagery. This music is the perfect way to ensure that The Lion King will live on for another generation to enjoy.

Who else is listening to this medley again?