Army Son Surprises Mom On Her Wedding Day

Army Son Surprises Mom On Her Wedding Day

It was a tear-filled moment captured on camera when this Army son surprises Mom on her wedding day.

Zaykeese Riley is a member of the US Army and his mother, Tamara Twiner, is one of her biggest supporters. But even Tamara couldn’t hide her sadness when she realized her son wouldn’t be able to make it home for her wedding. “On the day my mother was going to get married, I hadn’t seen her in about six months. I’m serving in the United States Army and I was at basic training in AIT (Advanced Individual Training).”

Despite her devastation, Tamara knew that her son was doing the right thing and serving our country. This incredible mom raised two boys all on her own. She shares a very close bond with each of her sons, so Zaykeese took it to heart that he couldn’t stand by her on her big day.

That’s when he expressed his feelings to his grandmother. “My grandmother, she said ‘Well, the best thing you can do is write a long letter to your chain of command. And sign that letter and send it to them and ask them. They just loved the letter. It was very heartfelt and they said ‘Okay, well we don’t usually offer special leave for things like this, but since this means so much to you, we’re gonna be able to do something for you.’”

Zaykeese was granted leave to go to the wedding, so the entire family decided to arrange a special surprise for Tamara. Right before she was to walk down the aisle, Zaykeese appeared and held her veil.

This beautiful bride turned around and saw her son standing right in front of her. That’s when the tears started to flow and there was no stopping it. Even Zaykeese found himself holding back the sobs.

This was such an incredible moment for everyone involved and the significance is not lost on this inspiring young man. “Every moment that you have with your family, every moment that you can share with those you love, means something.”

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Posted by THV11 on Monday, June 10, 2019