10-Year-Old Emanne Beasha Earns Golden Buzzer With 'Caruso' Performance

10-Year-Old Emanne Beasha Earns Golden Buzzer With 'Caruso' Performance

10-year-old opera voice Emanne Beasha belts out a classic tune to earn the golden buzzer from guest judge Jay Leno.

We first met Emanna earlier this season on America’s Got Talent. She impressed the judges with her big voice and bold performance of the opera classic ‘Nessun Dorma.’

This Florida native was full of nerves as she stepped onto the America’s Got Talent stage to audition. But her positive personality easily won over the judges and crowd.

Today, she’s back for another performance that is even better than the last. Just listen as Emanne belts out the incredible words to ‘Caruso.’ With her lucky unicorn by her side, this young talent brought the audience to their feet.

After the rousing performance, the judges were full of praise for this pre-teen. Howie Mandel said, “You’re only ten years old and we are seeing acts come out here and they’re sweating and they’re not performing to par. They’re not stepping it up and they’re double your age. And then you come out here and you show them how it’s done.”

But it was guest judge Jay Leno who was truly moved by the young girl. He said, “I feel like I’m a witness to something extremely special. At some point in my career people say ‘What do you remember most?’ I remember hitting the golden buzzer.”

That’s when he leaned over and hit the coveted golden buzzer sending Emanne straight through to the live shows. Now, this 10-year-old will continue to compete for the winner’s title and she’s definitely a serious contender.