Good Samaritans Save Blind Man Before Train Hits Him

Good Samaritans Save Blind Man Before Train Hits Him

It was a miracle captured on camera when these Good Samaritans rushed to save a blind man who fell onto the train tracks.

This blind commuter was walking near the platform at the Red Line’s Medical Center metro station in Bethesda, Maryland. As he used his cane to access the area, he fell off of the platform and right onto the tracks.

The next train was scheduled to arrive at the station in less than 60 seconds. Bystanders quickly took notice of the situation and rushed to pull the stranger to safety.

The video shows more and more people gathering by the tracks to band together and lift the man off the tracks. After he was safe on the platform, the blind man laid on the ground, obviously in shock.

Just seconds later, the train comes barreling down the tracks to stop at the platform. This was such a close call for the man but, thankfully, these Good Samaritans did not hesitate to help.

The unidentified man was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Once the video was posted online, it quickly became a viral sensation as people praised the quick-thinking strangers.

In this day and age, so many people are distracted by the world. It is a refreshing change to see strangers look up and help someone during their time of need.

I sure wish that we saw more stories like this in our news feed everyday. What did you think of these kind strangers and their heroic actions?