Retiree Uses Hidden Camera To Record Mouse Secretly Cleaning His Shed

Retiree Uses Hidden Camera To Record Mouse Secretly Cleaning His Shed

A retired electrician thought he was going crazy when he found his work area tidied up each morning. Thanks to his use of a hidden camera, he found out that a mouse was secretly cleaning up his shed during the night!

Before catching the mouse in the act, Stephen Mckears was perplexed to find his nuts and bolts, large screws, nails, and other items from his workshop neatly put away in a tub each morning. He knew that they were scattered all over the table the night before, so he couldn’t figure out how they ended up back in the bin.

“One day I emptied the tub out and spread the contents on the side. And the next day they were all back in again,” says Stephen. “I thought I was going mad.'

This went on for weeks. Still confused about how his mess was magically being cleaned overnight, Stephen knew he needed backup to help him solve this mystery.

He decided to ask for help from his neighbor, Rodney Holbrook, who is a talented wildlife photographer. The two of them set up a hidden camera to figure out what was going on in Stephen’s shed at night. He was stunned to see that a little mouse was the one responsible for cleaning up his mess!

And the amazing mouse can be seen trying to lift objects on the table that are twice his size! They were able to see in the video that the mouse was cleaning up the metal objects from around midnight to 2:30am. What a dedicated little worker.

It’s funny to think about how you only see animals that clean in movies or fairy tales. But that’s not the case for this little mouse! After being amazed at the little worker mouse in his shed, Stephen now affectionately calls him “Metal Mickey.”

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