Miracle Woman Victoria Arlen Grateful To God For Ability To Walk Again

Miracle Woman Victoria Arlen Grateful To God For Ability To Walk Again

Victoria Arlen visits Pickler And Ben and opens up about her medical mystery and will to overcome. As a child, Victoria was extremely active. But all of that changed when she was just 11 years old.

Victoria developed two rare conditions that caused her to lose the ability to walk, speak, eat or move. The condition eventually left her in a vegetative state for 4 years. Even though Victoria could not control her own body, she could still hear and understand everything going on around her.

So for years, she laid in a hospital bed listening to doctor's tell her parents that she would never come out of this state but she had no way to communicate with them. Essentially, Victoria was trapped in her own body. But one day, Victoria realized that she had regained control of her eyes.

She used this movement and blinks to let her mom know that she was still inside. Now, this miracle woman is walking and talking again and she is beyond thankful for her many blessings. “I’m just so grateful and I’m grateful to God that I got the second chance and that I’m really trying to make it count every single day.”

Today, Victoria is retelling her story to Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron on their daytime talk show and it’s such an inspiration to hear. This young woman even competed on Dancing With The Stars a few seasons ago. Now, she's thriving and serving as an inspiration to all of those around her. What an incredible story of triumph!