Officers Rescue 3 Women And Dog Before Car Falls Off Bridge

Officers Rescue 3 Women And Dog Before Car Falls Off Bridge

It was a nerve-wrecking moment captured on camera when officers rescue 3 women and a dog trapped in flood waters.

After a sudden flash flood, the car these women were in became stuck on a bridge. As the water rushed past, there was no way to get out of the vehicle.

It soon became apparent that the strong flow of water was going to push the car into the lake. That’s when the women dialed 911 to receive help. “We’re about to get pushed into a lake. We need to get out ASAP.”

Texas police officers showed up on scene and quickly worked to rescue the women. They threw out a line of rope to help guide the women to safety. One by one, officers guided the women towards protection.

But when the last women stepped out of the car, she was clinging to her dog. She refused to let go of her beloved canine for fear that he would be swept away. But as the car became unsteady, the officer knew that they needed to move quickly.

He guided the women to safety but the dog broke free of the grasp and tried to run away. Thankfully, the cops were able to beckon him back to higher ground. Just seconds after everyone was removed from the vehicle, the raging waters carried the car over the bridge.

The police officers arrived just in the nick of time to save these three women. God definitely placed these cops in the right place at the right time. Prayers for everyone involved.

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