Walls by Gateway Worship

Praise God for his power against your enemies and for breaking down walls. This awesome lyric video has moving visuals and is about unity in the church as we worship our Savior. Great for celebrating Easter as we remember that He has risen!

[Verse 1]
We are daughters and sons
Singing as one, we've got a hope now
Walls have tried to divide
But nothing can hide, the power that we've found
You are walking with us
And all of the walls are turning to dust
They are falling down

Sing praise, we praise
We fill the skies with song from our hearts
Sing praise, we praise
'Til enemies know faithful you are, oh God

[Verse 2]
High, we lift up your name
Put darkness in chains
You go before us
Love is swallowing fear
And all of the walls will soon disappear
They are crumbling down

[repeat chorus x2]

Walls are coming down
Walls are coming down
Oh, oh, oh, oh
[repeat x6]
[repeat chorus x2]

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