Bible Reading Job 1:13-22 Handling Hardship Righteously

I believe that the Book of Job is in our Bible for a reason. I believe it’s there for us to look to when we are going through rough times. There are so many verses that do imply that only good things happen when you are a child of God that books like this bring balance. It allows us to see that God does test some of us to see how much we love him. He allows certain things to happen to put the accuser’s accusation to the test sometimes.

God already knows who we are and how we are going to handle things, but the accuser doesn’t. He thinks everyone is like him--a prideful, 100 percent selfish, and hateful being that would curse God the moment something goes bad. He thinks that we would all stop being “on God’s team” the moment he allowed one of our blessings to be taken or some abuse to occur. Is satan right? Job answers that question.

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