Meredith Andrews - I Look To The King

From her fantastic album "Deeper", this is Meredith Andrews singing "I Look To The King." This is one of those rare albums where I really like every single track. With most albums I really like maybe three or four songs, maybe three or four others are OK, and the rest are throwaways. But every single cut on this album is a winner. Not just because of Meredith's sing, but the production, instrumentation and songwriting is outstanding. This one is a must-have.

Odd that in this song the lyrics quote 1 Timothy 1:17, which calls God "invisible", but what she sings here is "invincible." I searched for the lyrics and every single web site said "invincible." Plus, that's what the liner notes say. So, no, it wasn't a typo on my part, that's what she's singing.

Written by Meredith Andrews, Matt Maher, Jacob Sooter (Meredith's husband)

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