Enlarge My Territory -Prayer of Jabez by Donald Lawrence- ASL Song

Enlarge My Territory -Prayer of Jabez by Donald Lawrence- ASL Song

A must watch. My hubby and I, as many of you know, divorced and remarried. I PRAYED this prayer and God didn't just answer it, God gave us an overflow of blessings...he healed our hearts, we had another son & though I was pregnant, out of wedlock for the 2nd time...God saw fit to anoint my hands and used me to bring my husband to Christ, so he could be saved. Yes. Little ol' me, with all of my imperfections.

God continues to bless & favor me, so that I can serve as a testimony before men and Angels, that YES! The Prayer of Jabez works!! "Enlarge my territory!" Cry out to God for God to remove all limits and anything that may prevent you from receiving your overflow of blessings!!

Yesterday, God used me mightily. I interceded for the bride and groom, that through good and bad times, sickness and pain, and through their
children...God would send an overflow. The work has already begun. Elder Tarinna Terrell, single
mom of 2 beautiful sons, became Mrs. Terrell Olley, on the 8th day of Oct, (representing new beginnings) the day before her Birthday!!!

Only GOD can do that!

Just whisper this short simple prayer. It will work for you too. Just believe.