Cow On The Loose Takes A Dip In Neighbor's Pool

Cow On The Loose Takes A Dip In Neighbor's Pool

A cow on the loose made quite a splash after taking a dip in a neighbor’s pool.

Kayla Mask, a 26-year-old from Eclectic, Alabama, helped capture the runaway cow when it got out of its pasture. The cow was running through the roads and found itself in someone’s yard six miles away. That’s just about when the scene from this video unfolds.

First, we see a cow in the grass with a couple of energetic dogs running around her. Then the cow jumps straight into the backyard pool, maybe to get away from the dogs or may to cool off for a bit. It sure does look like a nice place to go for a little swim!

One of the dogs jumped in after the cow, and the two of them seem to be taking a nice dip together. All of a sudden, Kayla comes into the scene galloping on a horse and waving a lasso above her head!

This cowgirl manages to get the lasso around the belly of the cow and helps pull the animal out of the pool. The cow tries to run off again but doesn’t make a getaway this time. Kayla is able to keep her nearby now.

After all of that excitement, the dog is left in the pool and seems to be in need of assistance to get out. A man comes into view and guides the dog to the pool steps so he can walk out of the water with ease.

Then the scene is calm again, and it’s like nothing happened at all! What a chaotic afternoon in that backyard! And it is comical how it all played out on the footage from the security camera. Thankfully, the cow was able to be found and brought back safely to the pasture that it calls home.

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