Evangelism in Belarus

"Dear Jesus, please enter my heart and forgive my mistakes and sins! Grant me your invaluable gift of eternal life! Amen".
Pastor Anatoli had been implementing many various projects for a few years of activity in the late 20th century. Despite local regime’s austere attitude, he was organizing some evangelical campaigns and meetings. Many projects were executed only due to Anatoli’s adventurous character and by God’s protection and His favour. In 1998, Anatoli was permitted by the management of the football club to appeal to approximately 12,000 people with a prayer, so the local club wouldn’t lose to its stronger opponent. Pastor Anatoli took the risk and assured everybody that the local team wouldn’t lose as he was going to pray fervently against losing. He realized that it was a very good chance to tell unsaved people about God’s love for them. At first, he prayed to God publicly, so He would control the game, then Anatoli appealed to spectators and offered them to pray to God, so He would forgive their sins and grant them salvation. It had happened just before the football match and came as a surprise to the city authorities and a few hundred security service men that were present there. The state mass media called this action an unprecedented case in the history of the country.

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