Red [BMI]

Understanding the absolute necessity of 'Jesus' Sacrifice on the Cross', I wrote, 'Red' in 1974. Blood sacrifice was required in ancient times for having sins forgiven. The act had to be done each year. When Jesus was crucified, His Blood had the 'redemption power' to cleanse ALL sins...for all who repent, and Believe ON Him... '[they] will not perish, but have everlasting life' [John 3:16]. In many cultures, the color 'red' has an important meaning. I teach Feng Shui. Red is the color of 'good luck' in the ancient Chinese Dynasties. How God has 'laid the paths' of the coming of His Son, Jesus, as our 'Savior of the World'. Because of Jesus' Blood, anyone, anywhere, of any culture, background, and tradition, can simply sincerely pray when they feel the convicting 'Power of God', and be forgiven and go to heaven. None of us have to find a 'spotless lamb' and sacrifice it once a year. How can we not celebrate the sufferings of Jesus Christ for us...sufferings that resulted in His Resurrection and the Resurrection for all Believers. His Blood... 'a beautiful, dark, crimson, red' what I want others to focus on when I die...because...because He Died for me, I will live again.

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