China plans for nuclear attack on U.S. (Second Coming Watch Update #422)

China plans for nuclear attack on U.S. (Second Coming Watch Update #422)

1. According to The Washington Times, Chinese state-run media revealed for the first time this week that Beijing’s nuclear submarines can attack American cities as a means to counterbalance U.S. nuclear deterrence in the Pacific.

2. According to Reuters, When NATO forces start a major exercise in Latvia and Poland this weekend, they will be rehearsing how to oust an anonymous invading enemy from a fictional region. For some, however, exercise “Steadfast Jazz” will test how the Western alliance could deploy rapid reaction forces to its eastern flank – which borders Russia.

3. According to The Jerusalem Post, IDF soldiers who were carrying out work to destroy a a tunnel built by Hamas for terrorism on the Israel-Gaza border came under fire from a Palestinian terrorist cell overnight on Friday. Five Israeli soldiers were wounded. In response to the attack, the IDF fired an artillery shell and bombed the tunnel.

4. According to The Global Times, ten people were injured when two earthquakes shook a city in northeast China on Thursday morning. The 5.5 magnitude quake, which was followed by a 5.0 magnitude quake, cut off communications in the region and damaged over 4,100 homes.

5. According to The Associated Press, a 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocked north-central Chile on Thursday, causing buildings to sway in the capital and nervous people to run out into the streets.

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