Jesus is coming to Town!

Many people wait for Christmas.
Sale, Gift, Party, Music Concert, Lovers
It’s the fanciest date of the year!

The Christmas itself has already become a happy day without JESUS.
However, the Christmas is a compound word from two words, Christ and Mass, which celebrates the birth of JESUS.
In this regard, Sogm has prepared a performance to spread out this meaning.
This is the face of JESUS made by total 100 pixels.
This shows that the face of JESUS can be made with only squares on wall, floor and ceiling.

We are going to turn on the light of tall buildings to make the face of JESUS.
By doing this, we can remind many people that the Christmas is the day for JESUS.

So we need a building!
We are looking for a person or an organization who is willing to rent us a building.
Please share this movie clip so that we will have more chance to find a building.

We wish that this movement spreads out worldwide, so we can see face of JESUS everywhere on Christmas.

Please be with our project, ‘JESUS IS COMING TO TOWN.’

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