Quake kills over 300 in Pakistan (Second Coming Watch Update #405)

Quake kills over 300 in Pakistan (Second Coming Watch Update #405)

1. According to the BBC, A powerful 7.7 magnitude earthquake has killed at least 208 people in south-west Pakistan and injured at least 340. The quake struck around 4:30 pm on Tuesday and was felt as far away as Karachi, Hy-der-a-bad, and India's capital, Delhi. After the quake, a small island appeared off the coast of Pakistan near the port of Gwadar.

2. According to CNN, Iranian President Has-san Rou-ha-ni said that his country is prepared to engage in nuclear talks and that nuclear weapons have no place in Iran's security.

3. According to AFP, Israeli forces fired rubber bullets at stone-throwing Palestinians in clashes in the southern West Bank city of Hebron as troops hunted for the suspected killer of an Israeli soldier.

4. According to Radio Free Europe, in the 21st century, Pakistani Christians face discrimination from the law of the land as well as threats of violence in a country where 97 percent of the population is Muslim.

5. According to Christian Today, a Christian street preacher was arrested in Perth, Scotland, on Wednesday for a "breach of the peace".

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