From Dust To Destiny- Book Trailer

Life's no fairy tale, would you agree? If you are pushing forty like I am, you could be tempted to think that life is all hard work and that there's no such thing as living 'happily ever after'. But I beg to differ. I have to believe that I have a destiny. I was inspired when I recognized that my life holds many parallels to the story of Cinderella.

I never set out to write a book, but as I began to write in response to this inspiration, one by one the ideas came, and thus a book was born. I bear my soul so that my story might also inspire and encourage you, or at the very least give you something to think about. If anything from my story resonates with you, perhaps it will help you to know that you are not alone in your experiences. It is the story of an ordinary girl with dreams of doing extraordinary things. I am not content to live a mundane life, nor to live purely for my own personal agenda. I know I was created for a reason.
We each have a God-given purpose - a journey we must take from Dust to Destiny.

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