War of Religion

War of Religion

Rev 12:7

Does God sanction religious war?
• This is misinterpreted by Muslims in the name of God, look at the attacks on the paper in France

Does God need to fight war
• Is there a war between the God of Christians and god of Islam; god of Jews and God of Christians

War suggests that either side could win
• If God be God there is no such things as war
• God does not need help of man to do anything
• Only need to declare what he says and move on, you don't have to

Is 13:4-17
• Morning star cast to earth, Lucifer (Satan)
• Satan was the light bearer
• Luke 10:18 - Satan fell from the heavens
○ Michael and angels fought against heaven Rev 7
○ Satan fell to earth because he has no place else to go
• These wars are not in the name of God but in the name of Satan as religions are pitted against religion
• God wanted to establish righteousness and freedom
○ Adam and Eve disobeyed and received the wrath and judgment of God
○ If you allow a child to rebel against you then you are teaching that child to rebel against God
○ Learn from Adam's example or else receive the same sentence of death
○ You have same choice as Adam to make to follow God or disobey

Religious wars fought for man
• God does not need your guns, tanks, etc
• James 4:
○ We want what someone else has instead of asking God
○ Outside the will of God and trying to circumvent God
○ Talk to God and he will direct you as to His will