Help Me to Choose You

My whole life, I've been taught to lean on Jesus and trust Him, no matter what I face. When someone close to me says they don't believe anymore that God has their best interest at heart, MY heart breaks. I have found that the sun will shine again, the good will make itself known, and God is God, indeed.

Sometimes the bleeding places that are starting to scab get bumped. But even when life's not fair, God is good. God is good ALL the time, and even though He knows everything, He wants to know how much we trust Him. I can't explain why things happen, and I can't explain how not to worry. All I can do is trust, and pray that my loved ones will trust also...

I wrote this song as an expression of the deep ache in my heart for my loved ones who desperately need to believe that God really is love. Maybe if you're doubting, too, you can ask God to help you choose to trust Him.

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