Choices ~ Humbled ~ Letters from Prison by Jayson Williams">
* Video features highlights from former NBA Nets All-Star Jayson Williams' interview on CNN with Don Lemon. In life we make choices. Some we can never take back. Former NBA All-Star Jayson Williams lives with his choice to recklessly handle a shotgun daily, hourly, and nothing can be done to bring his chauffeur, Mr. Christofi, back. Included in this brief shout-out to those who have made positive choices--namely those who have chosen to serve our great country--are clips from Jayson's interview on CNN with Don Lemon and audio clips from Fox 5's Lisa Evers coverage of Jayson speaking to inner city youth about decisions. Visit us on and follow us on twitter @humbledjw Wishing everyone a safe and happy fourth of July. Special thanks to all who are serving and have served our great country. God bless you and thanks for watching!

Thanks for watching!

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