King Michael and King Elvis are Dead, but King Jesus is Still Alive


Michael Jackson, was called “the king of pop”. There are some people who still believe he is alive today, and that he only faked his death to get out of debt. There have been reports that he has been seen alive in the Caribbean and South America.

Elvis Presley, dubbed “The King” by his fans, died on August 16, 1977. Yet even today, people claim to have seen him alive in all sorts of places. Few take these stories seriously but they appeal to us because Elvis’ records meant something special to many people.

How could two people so full of life possibly be dead?

At this time of the year, millions are celebrating because a man who was dead has been seen alive – not by a handful of strangers, who saw someone somewhere who looked a bit like Him, but by His closest friends, His family, and His followers.

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