2-Year-Old Russian Ice Skater Delivers Incredible Routine

2-Year-Old Russian Ice Skater Delivers Incredible Routine

A 2-year-old Russian ice skater delivers a flawless routine that has the Internet going crazy. Everyone knows just how beautiful and elegant the sport of ice skating can truly be.

Figure skaters have to put so much work and practice to perfect their routines and they also have to tell a story using only their body. Skaters train for years and years in order to live out their dreams on the ice. But it’s all worth it when they get onto the rink and the crowd truly embraces every moment.

For most athletes, it takes years before they can become experts and make a name for themselves. So imagine everyone’s surprise when this 2-year-old ice skater strutted onto the ice and blew the whole crowd away. When this small girl first stepped into the rink, I thought it was going to be a ‘cutesy’ routine. I had no clue that that toddler had been training like crazy and was already a skilled performer. If you watch closely, you’ll see that she’s even performing small jumps. She easily glides around the ice and hits each of her moves.

When I was this age, I had just learned to walk and run and this little girl is already out on the ice like a pro. I just cannot believe that a toddler was able to learn and perfect the entire routine. No wonder everyone on social media is talking about her. I definitely see an Olympic future for this tiny champion. What do you think?

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