Col 1 - Reading
Col 2:8-13;
Col 3:


Paul was addressing the issues in the church

Christian faith is unique and not based on pagan religions

Any practice away from the Word of God is a religion

Jesus Christ said if you put one away and be married to another then you are an adulterer; an adulterer shall not inherit the kingdom of God

Giving your children access to World Wide Web; have to undrstand the traps, images, messages, pictures; driver of internet business is pornography

What have church picked up from the world
• Easter eggs
• Birth of Christ on Dec 25th
• Pastors marrying person(s) with a living spouse
• Mime dancers (hippocrits in greek) hide your face, true face to be something else

Need to understand why we do what we do and stop trying to be fanciful

Paul wrote to Colossians because things were being added to salvation that did not align with Gods word

People don’t get saved because of things they don’t want to give up
• Church has tried in vain and incorrectly to make it easier for sins to be acceptable in the church
• Cry out against sin, don’t be deceived
• World wants you to think you cant change or be changed from your sinful nature
• God's Word will change you and take your sinful nature

Col 1:23
• Don’t be moved from the Gospel
• You can be moved if your flesh is weak
• You need to correct yourself and follow your own (righteous) advice
• Sins will find you out

My will is to please God and not my flesh

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