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5.1 quake shakes Calif.; 'Small' nuclear war could make Earth uninhabitable (Second Coming Watch Update #500)

1. According to Reuters, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck suburban Los Angeles on Friday evening, rattling a wide swath of Southern California, breaking water mains in a nearby community and prompting Disneyland to shut down rides. U.S. Geological Survey seismologist, Lucy Jones, said, “There could be even a larger earthquake in the next few hours or the next few days.” Since Friday, over 100 aftershocks have been recorded.

2. According to CBS News, with an estimated 17,000 nuclear weapons in the world, people already have the power to exterminate humanity many times over. But according to a LiveScience report, it wouldn’t take a full-scale nuclear war to make Earth uninhabitable. Even a relatively small regional nuclear war, such as a conflict between India and Pakistan, could spark a global environmental catastrophe. Researchers predicted that the resulting firestorms would kick up about 5.5 million tons of black carbon high into the atmosphere. This ash would absorb incoming solar heat, cooling the surface below and creating conditions close to a "nuclear winter" which would cause mass crop failure. Many people would die not only from the bombs and radiation, but from starvation.

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