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The Problem with the Net

Did you know there was a problem with the net in the bible? Come witch and I'll show it to you.

The Problem With The Net 01:15
The record from the Gospel of John 02:11

Thomas comes through in the end 05:19

The Sons of Zebedee identified 06:48

The difference between a disciple and an apostle 07:05

Simon and Andrew Called 09:11

James and John called 09:32

Look at Mark for More information 10:03

Check Luke 10:36

Jesus says "Let down your nets" 12:16

Simon answer "I will let down the net" no s 12:40

We limit God 16:39

I will claim the promise from your word 18:30

Reproof not fun 24:11

Our Call Follow me 26:50

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