Tree of Life 5 - Get Your Feet Dirty Part 2

Tree of Life 5 - Get Your Feet Dirty Part 2

Matthew 21:33-46

The Tree of Life started out protected in the garden of Eden. It ends up with fruit in Revelations. The real communion is the spiritual side. That is where we have failed.

Jesus says,"I am the One True Vine." He didn't say that there were no other vines. Wild grapes. Many people believe they are getting to Heaven, but they are walking right by Heaven on their way to Hell. They don't know what Heaven looks like.

Every one believes they are the ones with the 'good ground', but some one has to have it wrong. How many bootleggers are actually feeding you fake wine made from the wild grapes?

They don't know how to tend the vineyard. God is looking down, " Man, oh man, what are you doing?" They killed him and removed the truth from the vineyard so they could grow wild grapes. THE STONE THE BUILDER REJECTED. The chief corner stone is in the vineyard.

Bishop Jack Wisor