Brian Charles-Voyage Home

This song "Voyage Home" is Dedicated to the Memory of Salena Newman, My friend Michaels 13 year old baby girl. And will be on the Christian Music realease,"We will lift our hands to you". After going to the memorial service today(10/20/12) and hearing how Selena had already saved a 2 year old little girls life by way of a liver transplant,God spoke to me and gave me the Idea to dedicate this song to her.The lyrics seemed to fit her angelic soul. The way I understand it, A little girl who was awaiting her liver transplant was not even supposed to walk again even with the transplant taking successfully ,but with Selenas liver and the anointing that it held within , The little girl wanted to get up and walk as soon as she came to! Selena touched many and I saw it first hand by the testimonies given today, I hope this song and video brings her memory the honor and glory it deserves. May she rest in peace and enjoy hanging out with Jesus,God bless this little angel!!! Selena Newman
Brian Charles

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