Tropical cyclones are occurring more frequently than before (Second Coming Watch Update #260)

Released: October 19, 2012 By: Daniel Whyte III

Tropical cyclones are occurring more frequently than before. According to Terra Daily, new research from the Niels Bohr Institute clearly shows that because of a warmer climate, there is an increasing frequency for tropical cyclones or hurricanes. Storm surges are considered to be the most dangerous and the most destructive aspect of tropical cyclones. The study shows that globally warm years have been associated with a significantly higher risk of extreme storm surges such as the one that followed Katrina, which hit the New Orleans area in 2005 and caused devastating flooding and thousands of deaths.

Iranian commander vows that Israel will be hit if Iran is attacked. According to The Associated Press, the acting commander of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard warned that Israel will "definitely" face fierce retaliation if it attacks Iranian nuclear sites. The remarks by Gen. Hossein Sa-la-mi appear to be part of Iranian efforts to portray any strike against it as the trigger for a regional conflict that could draw in Iranian proxies, such as Lebanon's militant Hezbollah group, on Israel's borders. Iran's suspect nuclear program has topped the international agenda and pressures on Tehran are mounting.

Ahead of largest ever joint US-Israel drill, generals say troop cutback is insignificant...

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