Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facilities VS. Traditional Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Facilities

Miramar drug and alcohol treatment center (888) 363-8721. http://www.miramarlagunabeach.com The differences in dual diagnosis treatment facilities vs. traditional drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities are varied and numerous. Dual diagnosis is defined as the presence of one or more mental health conditions (psychiatric disorders) combined with a chemical addiction. Dual diagnosis treatment facilities are held to a much higher standard than that of traditional addiction treatment facilities, in terms of staff and curriculum. Clients in dual diagnosis treatment facilities undergo comprehensive evaluations and subsequent follow up sessions with a psychiatrist or psychologist, often both. Medication management is a significant component of dual diagnosis treatment facilities, as are a high number of individual treatment and therapy sessions each week. All staff at dual diagnosis treatment facilities is trained to deal with mental health issues, whereas most staff at traditional addiction treatment facilities is trained to address substance related disorders, primarily.

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