Hezbollah official says Iran's nuclear program is designed to 'finish off' Israel (Second Coming Watch Update #190)

Released: August 10, 2012 By: Daniel Whyte III

Hezbollah official says Iran's nuclear program is designed to 'finish off' Israel. According to the Times of Israel, a Hezbollah minister of parliament, Wa-lid Sa-ka-ri-ya, told Lebanese television that the nuclear weapon Iran is developing is intended to annihilate Israel. In a segment translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, Sa-ka-ri-ya told his interviewer that if Iran acquired a nuclear weapon it would serve Syrian as well as Iranian interests, namely the eradication of the Jewish state.

Monsoon rains kill scores of people in the Philippines. According to Reuters, The Philippines began a massive clean-up after floods swept the capital and nearby provinces, forcing residents to wade through shoulder-deep waters in some places after nearly two weeks of monsoon rains killed 91 people.Power, water and communications services were restored as floodwaters started to recede, allowing many to return home to fix their houses. Nearly 300,000 people remained in temporary shelters.

Indonesian government closes another church. According to The Jakarta Globe, yet another church has been sealed off by authorities on the grounds of local opposition. Congregants were prevented from holding services in the St. Johannes Baptista Church. A spokesman for the church said they were still in talks with the government to restore access to their property.

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