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Jesus Saves

Jesus Saves

Paul says that he was the chief of sinners. Being saved to restore, give you a new life to save. There is nothing to separate you from the love of Jesus, when you get saved. When you have a relationship with him. Unconditional love is when you messed up an Jesus stays with you.

"Sozo": saved, delivered, salvation.

Why does God change some and not others? Jesus saves us for purpose and reason. When God has healed you naturally, he wants you to worship Him spiritually. God will interrupt you in your stuff to Save you. He can take you in your lowest points and still Save you.

Paul is the Hebrew and Saul is the Greek. No one else heard what God was speaking to Paul. Everyone thought it was thunder and lighting that they was hearing.

When someone does evil to you God said to turn the other cheek. You reap what you sow. All trials things that happened to Paul were because he persecuted the church. A lot of us are saying that they are saved, and we are not doing what Jesus told us to do. What are you willing to give up for Jesus? If you are not willing to give up anything then you are not saved. You have Adam's nature, and his nature was to sin. Your spiritual DNA tells that you are in Adam's DNA.

What is Jesus to show us in his encounter with Paul?
* He let him know that he was wrong.
* Jesus told him what to do. Salvation.

Jesus wants you to know that what ever you have done in your life HE still will save you. If you accept HIM into your life. Jesus Saves....