The 2 houses of Israel to be re-united in the last days!

JOSEPH REVEALS HIMSELF TO HIS BROTHERSrnRestorationrnrnThis is part two of a fascinating 7 part series by Monte Judah called "The 7 Greatest Prophcies of Torah". Check out the others as I upload them in the future. Torah contains prophetic implications going all the way to the end of days and it is essential we grasp these foundational truths of eschatology.rnrnrnThis part focuses on the many prophetic & messianic implications of Joseph, hated by his brothers and sold as a slave in another nation. This episode also details what is commonly called the "Two-House" teaching, that the northern and southern kingdoms of Israel are alive today and though they are at odds and don't fully recognize each other yet, they will be one again in Torah and Messiah!rnrnAfter watching this, you maybe wondering who Ephraim is today.rnrnAs for my own personal view, I believe Europe and America largely consist of the lost 10 tribes. And I believe that many of us who feel drawn to Torah and the Hebrew roots are likely to be physical descendants of the Lost 10 Tribes, however I feel that it matters little because we are all (Gentiles included) grafted-in and joined to the tree of Israel through repentance and faith in Messiah Yeshua ben Yehowah (Is. 56 & Rom 11)!

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