Drink The Rain - Lauren Black

Drink The Rain - Lauren Black

NOT REBECCA BLACK (But kudos to her for her song)
Song: "Drink The Rain" (Lauren Black).
Pictures: gettyimages.com, flickr, etc

This is a beautiful song I can't stop listening to so I thought I would put pictures to it. These pictures and the song are not mine. All rights go to their respective owners.




Verse 1:
G G7sus4 C
I love waking up to the birds fly
Waking up to the blue sky
And sunshine

I love dancing out on the sidewalk
Watching the rain go drip drop

C Cm G
Even if the rain won't stop
C Cm G
Even when I'm falling down, down, down
C Cm

I'll hold my head up high
G D/F# Em D A C D
Drink the rain and learn to fly away

Verse 2:
Sometimes we all hide behind the moo1127385