Need Prayer? Booth (how to do a prayer booth)

Need Prayer? Booth (how to do a prayer booth)

A Prayer Booth is a public offer of free prayer to anyone in need. It is staffed by a few people from a local Christian church, and is usually located on the street or in a community area. It is an effective means of outreach in the public arena whereby believers can demonstrate love and care for the community. In our setting we put up banners that say "Need Prayer?" on an EZ-up type portable shelter in various locations in the city, such as empty lots on busy streets. Drivers or passers-by stop and ask for prayer. Our goal is that people will experience the love and power of God as we pray for them. It is our experience that they do!

We now have a vision to see this spread to other cities (and nations) to where there is free prayer being offered in around the world! On our Facebook page called NEED PRAYER BOOTH you can read the "How To Do a Prayer Booth" (Notes Tab), or go to and pray about starting one in your area.

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