Global Terror

Part One. . .If you haven�t had time to learn about Gods plan for the end times and Tribulation, Apostle Eric opens up the book of Revelation to you. Expounding from Revelation chapter 14 verses 1-8 includes: Teaching on the two raptures, the Gentile rapture and the Jewish rapture and how they are symbolized in the rapture of Enoch (Gentile rapture; Gen.5:24) and Elijah (Jewish rapture; 2Kgs.2:1) who are the two witnesses spoken of Revelation 11:3. . .the man of sin will emerge to the position of his power. . .the roles of the First Beast, Second Beast, and Dragon. . . the assassination of the First Beast, his resurrection as a false messiah and his subsequent rise as the Antichrist man. . .Satan war in heaven, his efforts to stop the rapture of the 144,000, his forceful removal from his throne, the cleansing of the heavens of his dominions, and the rule of fallen angels upon earth as in the first millennium. . .The book of Revelation also holds wonderful treasures for the church regarding the mysteries of God, the mysteries of Christ, and how to walk by a divine perspective. . .Apostle Eric expounds on Revelation 14:2, the indescribable voice of the Lord that sounds through His host of angels, which reverberates through all the halls of heaven bringing all of creation into harmony with Him. . .Laying a biblical foundation for your understanding of Gods deep pleasure and passion for harmony and unified reciprocation of His charity we are encouraged to run the race of faith with patience to receive the overcomers reward.

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