Vexilla Regis ~Gregorian

This hymn of Vespers ,of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Vexilla Regis, was the sorrowful chant, rallying supporters of the Faithful Catholic and Royal Army(resistors to the Revolution) during the French revolutionary wars of Vendee region of Western France.The original Latin text was composed by Venance Fortunat, Bishop of Poitiers in the sixth century, for the feast of return of the relics of the Holy Cross.&below is a Translation from the Latin, via the French.Vexilla Regis prThe banners of the king advance&lt;Fulget Crucis mysterium.Here shines the mystery of the cross, where Life has suffered death, and his death made life./On the side, pierced by iron cruel spear, flow, to clear our crimes, blood and water./So fulfilled the oracle of David saying the nations in his verses inspired: God reigns by The wood.\Tree precious and shining glory, dressed in the purple of the King, was called you in your noble trunk to reach members if saints.\Happy Cross! At your arm is suspended The ransom of the world! You're the scales where the Corps was weighed , which has abducted from hell its prey.\this part is sung while kneeling&\O Crux, ave, spes , O Cross, our only hope<;Trinity ,principle of our salvation, that all Spirit glorifies You. You give us the victory by the Cross, add our reward.;-The September 14, the text is slightly different - Moines de labbaye Notre Dame de Randol, press de Clermont-Ferrand

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