Pt1- The Beast Church vs Christs Church

In this 3 part series The Beast Church vs Christs Church, Apostle JoAnne decodes each as she expounds from the book of Jude, identifying the distinct differences of 2 types of church, 2 types of Christians and 2 types of worship systems. Part 1 covers how the ungodly creep into the Church to remodel faith after lasciviousness, thus shifting the 2nd Covenant priesthood after the order of Melchizedec to a carnal priesthood of hype and addiction to the imagination and aspiration. Also included in this video teaching is the definition of how we experience sanctification through the labor of faith with the Apostles’ Doctrine and the Holy Spirit. Further IN DEPTH TEACHING on the difference between experiencing Gods compassion vs Gods mercy, walking daily in the COMMON SALVATION and what it really means to CONTEND for the Faith each day with the 2nd Covenant priesthood worship tools to victoriously overcome Satans temptation to the soul to sin. A bounty of the treasures of the knowledge of Christ from the apostles office to deliver and nourish await the heart who listens with faith.

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