David Halpern: WHO IS THE JEWISH MESSIAH? Part 2 of 4

David Halpern:  WHO IS THE JEWISH MESSIAH? Part 2 of 4

David Halpern was born and raised in a strict Jewish orthodox family in New York City. Growing up, all of his friends were Jewish as well. He had no Gentile friends. David went to school, learning Hebrew, and was a faithful practicing Orthodox Jew. He had a genuine love for God, but alcohol and drugs and pornography crept into his life by his association with the wrong group of people, and at the age of 23 he was sent to Israel to work on a communal farm where he would be kept away from more temptation. It was there that he got off drugs. David came back to the United States and married. The marriage lasted for three years, then came apart. Then on a blind date, he met a lady who eventually became his second wife. However, Chris, was not a Jewish believer. She was a Gentile and even more challenging still was the fact that she was a Christian. However, spiritually did not seem to be important to either of them at the time. They loved each other and that was all that mattered to them. The time came when David found himself in church with Chris. David heard the preacher teaching that Jesus was the true Messiah, and was hung on the cross as payment for the sins of the world. David had been taught by his teachers growing up that Jesus was NOT the true Messiah, but that the TRUE Messiah was yet to come to Earth. David met with the Pastor of that church and wanted to know WHERE in the Old Testament could it be found that Jesus was the TRUE Messiah. The result? You can discover for yourself as David testifies!