PentecostalsOf Henderson,TN./Miracle/AshcraftMin.

I want to tell you about a miracle that the Lord did for me. I go to church in Henderson, TN at The Pentecostals of Henderson. I have had problems with my feet swelling so large that I had to wear larger shoes than my normal size and this had gone on for such a long time. While Bro. Ashcraft was ministering at our church he asked if he could pray for me. After he prayed he told me that my feet were healed and to praise God for my healing. I did and as I was walking out of the church to leave that night I was literally walking out of my shoes. The swelling was already completely gone. It has been one year since Bro. Ashcraft prayed for me and God healed me and I have not had any more swelling at all. I am still praising God today for my healing. [email protected]

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