Pt2- Key of David vs Keys of the Kingdom

In Part 2 of 2 in The Key of David vs The Keys of the Kingdom Apostle JoAnne defines the Keys of the Kingdom, who they are given to, and identifies an example of how Apostle Paul properly used the authority to bind and loose. Points of distinction brought out in Part 2 include how Christ holds the key of David, how He opened to the door for Apostle Peter to preach the gospel to the gentiles, and how Apostle Paul was not dominated by Apostle Peter even though his apostleship came after the others. A short summary on the true Second Covenant order of government is included in this teaching video as well as the meaning of what Apostle Paul said in Ephesians 2 concerning the FOUNDATION of Apostles and Prophets and how they are the 2 key offices giving direction for the Church, working together in the Unity of the Doctrine of Christ with the other 3 callings to raise up the Church to the full stature of Christ. Closing with strong words to beware of those who tamper with the function of spiritual government, sell the callings or sell the gospel, Apostle JoAnne exhorts the saints of God to continue in much prayer for the Church, for Christian Leadership and for one another as the Great Transition back to the New Covenant to prepare the Bride continues to unfold in these last days. The Apostles Center International School of Ministry invites you to enroll today for a full and free education to the Royal Priesthood of the New Covenant, to bring your faith to the fullness of Christ.

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