Testimony of an Aposle Part Four

Testimony of an Aposle   Part Four

Part Four of Apostle Eric's Testimony: Apostle Eric continues his narration of the testimony of God's calling upon his life. Video includes apostolic succession dream/visitation with Apostle John of the Bible and Apostle Peter and many angelic visitations. Listen to what they had to share. Video also includes prophetic utterances, as God address the church. Listen to what changes need to take place. Christians often ask, "Why did God choose this time to restore Apostolic Governance to the church?" Part Two of Apostle Eric's testimony answers this question, giving the listener a complete time-line of God's plan, His purpose for the Second 8th Week, bringing the listener from the week of Noah, through Moses, David, and Jesus to the present day. Do you know that we are in the Second 8th Week? Find out what that means.