A New Years Secret

Struggling to keep my family a float. Believing and then being dissapointed. Hoping and then feeling hopless. Feelings strong and then very weak. Believing I have much to offer to believing I have nothing to offer. Entering a relationship only to exit it. Building only to see it crumbling. That was 2008 for me. So much of what I have gone through has been put into the heart of this video. My beautiful seventeen year old just recently found out she was pregnant. Needless to say there is much on this mothers heart and mind. With the many other words that I share with you in this video some are words that I was given. One was dated back in August 19 2004 and might just be alluding to this child my daughter carries. I had no clue what it could mean. But today it has me humbled and put me on my knees... There is so much! So much I do not understand. But more and more I adore Jesus and see a reverent woman peering out from my pages. God bless!

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