A letter to my beloved in battle

This video is made for any man who hopes to be in a relationship with a woman who is waiting at home and who adores him. Whether it be your wife or the woman you have yet to meet or marry. This letter may have been written by me but I assure you it is the secret desire of every woman of great value and it is meant for you her soul mate. To my future husband, I am not sure who you really are. I dont even know if I have truly met you yet. But today I have much on my heart that I would like to share. Things that I have taken to God my heart for you. Even though this has been purposed by God you will have to fight hard for it beloved. You run to battle but the casualties tend to be many. Your fight to be a man leaves your biggest enemy targeting the center of your heart, in the place of your strength. It is wounds you rarely discuss and even more has never been healed. The time is 17:19pm. You are a soldier in the third wave crashing onto Omaha beach. Thousands of men have gone before you and it is now your turn. As you jump out of the Higgins boat and wade to the beach, you see the bodies of fallen soldiers everywhere floating in the water, tossing in the surf and lying on the beach. Finally as you walk through the devastation of this war you reach the cliffs, the only point of safety and find squads of men with no leader. They are shell shocked, stunned and frightened. As you take this all in, what would you conclude? You would have to admit, this is one brutal war. What about this life your living right now? What do you observe? Lives of men that you work with, live by, even go to church with? Do they fight well? Are their wives deeply grateful for how well their men have loved them? Does their childrens faces reflect the love that their father bestowed on them? Men are being taken out left and right! Scattered across the neighborhoods lie the shattered lives of men who are near death from the wounds that they have taken. They have lost heart. They crawl forward but

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