Dedicated Teacher Reads Story To Students 1 Day After Brain Surgery

Dedicated Teacher Reads Story To Students 1 Day After Brain Surgery

One dedicated teacher reads bedtime stories to her students every Thursday night online, and she did not even skip her story routine one day after her brain surgery. Now that is commitment!

K.D. Meucci is a 4th grade teacher who loves her students. Recently, she underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor. Every Thursday night, Mrs. Meucci goes on Facebook Live to read a bedtime story to her class, and she did not even let her brain surgery stop her from doing what she loves! One day after the operation, still in the hospital room with a swollen face and bandages on her head, K.D. still made the effort to be there for her students!

“This is the book that I wanted to read you tonight,” the teacher says to her students from her hospital bed. “I don’t know if you guys heard or not, but I am in the hospital because I had brain surgery. How cool is that?”

Mrs. Meucci was so happy to see her students as they came online to hear her read to them. “Oh my goodness, I miss you guys! I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. It’s so good to see you. I’m so glad you’re joining me for our bedtime story tonight,” she says to her kids with a big smile on her face.

Before the surgery, K.D. was feeling very nervous. But it was the thought of reading to her students that helped her get through it.

“Packing for the hospital was scary. Probably the scariest moment in my life, thinking that maybe I wasn’t going to come out of this,” she shares. “And packing that book, it gave me hope that I was going to come out of this and I was going to be able to read to my students.”

Thankfully, Mrs. Meucci has since recovered and is now back in the classroom where she got the warmest welcome from her beloved students.

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