Country Star Vince Gill Gifts Band Students New Instruments After Devastating Flood

Country Star Vince Gill Gifts Band Students New Instruments After Devastating Flood

In an act of kindness, country star Vince Gill gifts new instruments to band students after a devastating flood.

Waverly, Tennessee had over 17 inches of rain in 8 hours over the summer, and the floods caused devastating damage all over the community. Homes, businesses, and schools were destroyed, and it is taking a while for all the destruction to be repaired.

One man wanted to help lift the spirits of the community, and that person was country music star Vince Gill!

“You just sit there and shake your head,” said Vince Gill. “What can we do to help out?”

Since replacing band instruments at the junior and senior high school had a low priority after all the destruction that the floods left behind, Vince knew that he wanted to help out in that way. He was able to donate 40 boxed up shiny and new band instruments to the school, and all of the band students were extremely grateful!

During a time when these students are sleeping in borrowed beds and living in temporary places after their homes were destroyed, having these new instruments to play really encouraged them during this difficult time.

The students learned about Vince Gill’s donation at a school assembly, and they were able to use the new instruments and play for the school.

“How delightful! A blessing from Vince Gill!” comments one person on YouTube after hearing about the story. “We need more musicians, celebrities, and companies to be this kind all of the time!”

“Wow! What a gift!! We need more great Americans like Vince,” writes another person online.

Vince goes on to talk about kindness and how important it is to show to others. “I often feel like we should be like this all the time, you know. That’s my dream,” he shares. “Let’s not just be kind when somebody’s struggling, let’s just be kind.”

God bless Vince Gill and his generosity to these music students!

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