"Living Large" Part 2 - The Church or not?

Many Christians think too small. Hopefully this series will challenge the believer to expand their view of the kingdom and the King they confess as Lord. To replace a temporal and worldly perspective with an eternal one; to set their minds on the invisible kingdom and begin "Living Large."

Able offered a more acceptable sacrifice. Noah, being divinely warned of thing not yet seen, prepared an ark. Abraham obeyed and went out not knowing where He was going. He dwelt in the land of Canaan as if in a strange country, an invisible kingdom. He looked for a city which has foundation whose builder and maker is God and whose cornerstone is the word of God, the word made flesh, elect, precious. All these actions were the result of an unseen hope, an invisible kingdom. Let's continue in the description, of these examples, of the faith we must exhibit if we are to please our heavenly Father.

Part 3 was too large a file to post on Godtube so please look for it on Google. "Living Large" Part 3

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