Gymnast Olga Korbut Performs Banned ‘Dead Loop’ At 1972 Olympics

Gymnast Olga Korbut Performs Banned ‘Dead Loop’ At 1972 Olympics

Olga Korbut, a former gymnast, pulled off an unbelievable and astounding move during the 1972 Olympics, which has since been banned from the sport.

It’s abundantly clear that gymnasts, regardless of gender, are some of the world’s best athletes. The way in which they move, contort and spin their bodies is staggering and mind-blowing. To be a top-level gymnast requires loads of skill, strength, balance and athleticism. All of that is in addition to the single-minded dedication and the thousands of hours full of intense, focused practice. 

Gymnasts have been wowing spectators for some time now with their stupefying and unbelievable moves, including Olga Korbut. In a clip posted on YouTube, Olga pulls off a move that has since been banned, the “dead loop.”

The clip is a compilation of Olga’s performance at the Olympic games in Munich, Germany. It shows the young woman, who was only 17, performing a routine on the balance beam, the uneven bars and a floor exercise.

The early portion of the clip showcases Olga’s performance on the uneven bars, where she performs the “dead loop.” The young woman begins her routine by building up speed and momentum, swinging on the smallest bar. She then propels herself backward and catches onto the higher bar. 

At approximately the 10-second mark, Olga begins the “dead loop.” She stands up on the highest bar, flips backward, grabs the highest bar on her way down and propels herself forward. She then slings herself forward and toward the lower bar. 

Then Olga swings onto the lower bar, spins around once and catapults herself backward, latching onto the higher bar. 

The move is done so quickly and with such precision and finesse that it’s hard to believe that it actually happened. It’s mesmerizing, and you don’t even have to be a gymnastics fan to appreciate the stunning move.

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