'Cars On The Road' New Disney Series Brings Back Lightning McQueen And Mater

'Cars On The Road' New Disney Series Brings Back Lightning McQueen And Mater

Life hasn’t been the same without adventures on the highways without Mater and Lightning McQueen. 

But don’t worry, they’re coming back this fall with a new movie. ‘Cars On The Road’ is the new Disney series that brings back Lightning McQueen and Mater, and we can’t wait! 

If you don’t recall, Lighting McQueen went from being a hotshot rookie racer to a humbled race car that learned the valuable lessons of friendship and community in a tiny midwest town. 

Eventually, McQueen learns to race with purpose. It’s the perfect film to teach us all God’s life lessons on humility, friendship, and stepping into our calling to glorify God. 

In the new animation, Mater must return home for his sister’s wedding. Lightning McQueen offers to tag along, and that’s when the pair find themselves in all sorts of adventures and predicaments. 

The movie trailer chronicles all their adventures, and it could be the wildest ride yet! So rev your engines and buckle up as the House of Mouse brings back Owen Wilson to play Lightning McQueen and Larry The Cable Guy to play our beloved, rusted, redneck Mater. 

The best part is that it isn’t just a movie but a series! It will include nine episodes and will premiere on the Disney platform on September 8th. 

The series will follow the BFFs across the country, and like any road trip, there’s always something happening, and it seems to include spies, an automotive dinosaur, and “the tiniest taste of death.” Whatever that means, you know they’ll have to find their way out of some heart-racing situations. It even includes a circus of cars. 

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to hit the road with McQueen and Mater. Don’t forget to watch the trailer below.

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